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Key Stage 3 Remote Learning and Support During Lockdown

Dear Parent / Guardian,

Given the challenging times we are living through, and the fluidity of the situation, we are grateful for the resilience and positivity of our staff & students in moving quickly to remote learning again.

After listening to parental, student & staff concerns and suggestions while also taking into account the experiences of the last lockdown, we have been working on a plan to help streamline our approach to remote learning.

We are rolling out the following Year 8, 9 & 10 approach in the belief that it will help deliver high quality teaching and learning that is manageable and supportive to staff, parents and students.

We intend to provide a schedule of work for students in Key Stage 3 that allocates approx. 5 subjects a day for them to work on, proportionate to the timetable allocation of that subject. (see links below)

Teachers will upload the work for that day by 10am at the latest to allow students to work steadily throughout the day and to choose the order in which they wish to complete it.

Teachers will respond to questions on Google classroom regarding the set work on that day also.

If you have any issues or concerns during this enforced lock-down, please feel free to contact the school during the normal school working hours.

Keep safe,

Dominic Clarke

Below are links to view the Key Stage 3 Plans:

Click here to View the Year 8 plan.

Click here to View the Year 9 plan.  

Click here to View the Year 10 plan.