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to St. Patrick's Grammar School


Achieving Through Excellence


Fratres In Unum

Brothers' Together

to St. Patrick’s Grammar School

We are a compassionate, child-centred school dedicated to educating all our students to the highest possible standards. We strive to work as a school community to support the development of the boys. Therefore, our family links are extremely important to us.

Education in St. Patrick’s is wide and varied; academic, social, emotional, spiritual and physical development come together to foster the growth of young boys joining us in in Year 8, into young adults ready to make a positive contribution to society, as they leave us in Year 14.

Students in St. Patrick’s will spend their days in the care of highly qualified, passionate and enthusiastic staff who are always keen to work with the students as individuals.

I look forward to working with you in the future as parents, families, and of course students.

Mr Dominic Clarke


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